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Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract is a blockchain-based protocol that eliminates the need for an intermediary to facilitate transactions and enforce agreements. A digital smart contract, like any other contract, imposes a set of rules on all parties involved. The digital contract goes into effect after they agree on the clauses and all of the prerequisites are met.

Every blockchain business and application now need a digital contract to be secure. As a result, a Smart Contract Audit is required to ensure that the contract is working as intended in order to avoid security breaches and hack assaults.

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Smart Contract Audit Services

We provide smart contract validation services for a range of industries, including Fintech, Security, and Real Estate, at Blockchain Hat. Our end-to-end solutions ensure that smart contracts on the Blockchain, as well as AI in the future, are secure from attacks and hacks.


ICO Smart Contract Audit

After the token sale, Smart Contract Audit for ICOs assures that functionality such as the soft cap, hard cap, and other features remain untouched.


STO Smart Contract Audit

Because of the compliance requirements incorporated in Security Tokens, such as rules for various jurisdictions, a smart contract audit is required.


Smart Contract Security Audit

Smart contracts must be secure, and our end-to-end smart contract security audit solution protects Decentralized Applications from security risks.

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DEFI Smart Contract Audi

t An rigorous auditing procedure ensures that your smart contract is free of flaws, preventing security breaches and hackers.

Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract Audit

Ethereum is responsible for the adoption of computer-based protocols and the golden era of blockchain applications. The network enables us to create any form of digital contract with a wide range of features. Ethereum Smart Contract Audits are performed by our team of skilled developers. We examine the contract architecture and codebase in detail, stressing the adjustments that must be made in order for it to be completely secure. Code flaws can cost blockchain startups billions of dollars in lost revenue, so it’s time to take distributed ledger security seriously. A Blockchain Security Audit can help you secure your system by verifying it, finding potential flaws, and identifying poor encryption. We use our Penetration Test to replicate real hack assaults in order to uncover and repair the ecosystem’s weaknesses.

Security Audit Platform

Blockchain Hat provides comprehensive tools for analyzing and identifying Smart Contract code problems.

Our software enables us to automate a portion of the auditing process and identify the following issues

  • The code’s security
  • Whether or whether the code and documentation are in sync
  • If the code has been improved,
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Why Audit Blockchain and Smart Contracts?

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Boosting Confidence of Investors/Traders

Traders and investors want to invest in tokens and coins that have no vulnerabilities, increasing trust in the crypto-community and ensuring the currencies' safety.

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Reduced Time for Exchange Review

Exchanges evaluate and audit each and every token before listing it, therefore it takes time for them to review the coin for listing. Pre-audited crypto shortens the time it takes to list on exchanges.

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Investors and Trader Attraction

The community favors pre-audited tokens or coins that address every vulnerability in the ecosystem, particularly in smart contracts, which are frequently hacked.

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Regulatory Requirements in STOs

With STOs set to dominate the market in 2019, smart contract auditing has never been more important, since it might be the difference between being compliant and violating regulatory regulations.

Smart Contract Methodology


Manual Review

We'll go through the code line by line, looking for high, medium, and low-risk areas as well as probable security flaws. We discover errors in the business logic, inconsistencies in the specification, and other problems that could jeopardize the smart contract's functionality.

Manual Security Checks

Smart contracts are deployed to the testnet by a team of security experts that examine them for edge situations in your code. These include issues that result in monies being locked in the contract or incorrectly calculated percentiles of referrals, bonuses, and so on.

Static Analytical Tools

We discover vulnerabilities using static analysis and classify them as high, medium, or low. These flaws are connected to the token or coin's transaction-ordering dependency and front running, as well as under or overflow problems, reentrancy, and other flaws.

Dynamic Analytical Tools

We automate analyses of particular business logic to the essential parts of the blockchain and smart contract using dynamic analysis. The program also relies on the detection of defects in the test suite for smart contracts.

Steps of Smart Contract Auditing


Let's have a conversation about your Smart Contract! You send us the code to audit and explain what it's supposed to do.


Using specific tools we audit the Smart Contract


The client reviews the adjustments after we repair anything that needs to be fixed.


Ready, set, go! The Smart Contract is ready to be published.


We'd like to share a quote with you. After the quote has been authorized, we will proceed to the next step.


The auditing has been completed. The client receives a report that includes recommendations for resolving any concerns discovered.


We conduct a second audit in Smart Contract to ensure that all of the details are in place.

Smart Contract Audit for Industries

The use of smart contracts in industries has increased, as has the demand for auditing. At Blockchain Hat, we provide smart contract audit results as well as assistance in resolving system vulnerabilities. We serve a wide range of industries and have assisted clients in developing and auditing customized smart contracts to meet their specific needs.


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Artificial Intelligence


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Real Estate



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Frequently Asked Questions

We rely on cutting-edge technology and the best human expertise available. Smart contract audits will be delivered in a few days, while customized blockchain audits will take a few weeks.

For Ethereum Smart Contract Audits, our services are cost-effective. The cost of custom smart contracts and blockchain is determined by the project. Get a quote by clicking here.

Our smart contract and security team can help you create unit tests as part of a full audit package.

The study will detail the code’s probable flaws, as well as security recommendations and an analysis of the contract in light of current security patterns. We’ll divide the flaws into three categories: There are three levels of difficulty: low, medium, and high.

For our clients, we develop Security Tokens and Smart Contracts. These include smart contract creation for the SEC in the United States and the MFSA in Malta. Our staff can verify whether the smart contract complies with regulatory criteria such as vesting periods, secondary trading within accredited investors, and other restrictions.

We’ll send you the report in confidence and can work out a non-disclosure agreement with you until the flaws are remedied. However, after resolving the flaws and problems raised by Blockchain Hat, we recommend publishing the vulnerabilities.

Our staff has experience with a wide range of technologies, including Solidity, Vyper, Bitcoin Scripting code, and a variety of other languages. Our team is quick to pick up on new technologies on the market and to assist you in resolving your issues.