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Cryptocurrency Development Services

Cryptocurrency has grown in popularity among banks, individuals, governments, and businesses all around the world. Cryptocurrency, dubbed “future money,” is a digital asset designed to function as a secure medium of exchange. Cryptography is used to safeguard cryptocurrency transactions. Numerous cryptocurrencies have entered the market as a result of Bitcoin’s global popularity and have become a popular choice for online investing.
Altcoins have paved the path for Cryptocurrency Development Services to produce new cryptocurrencies with cutting-edge security features and top-tier functionality. These digital currencies are created to meet the needs of enterprises.
Blockchain Hat helps businesses and entrepreneurs integrate cryptocurrency into their existing systems. Our Cryptocurrency Development Company will enable you to establish your own cryptocurrency, which you and your users will be able to trade as utility or security tokens.
Utility tokens or coins are cryptocurrencies that allow consumers to buy upcoming items or services at a discount, with funds acquired through initial coin offerings (ICOs).
Security/Equity/Asset-backed tokens or cryptocurrency reflect ownership of a stock or debt.

Cryptocurrency Development Solutions

Blockchain App Factory is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency software development company that creates complex crypto-coins utilizing cutting-edge technology, providing you the ability to stay ahead in the altcoin race.
Our cryptocurrency creation service includes:
In the sphere of cryptocurrency generation, Blockchain App Factory has an unrivaled reputation. Our experience with crypto-coin development can assist you in creating a secure and independent digital money that meets your needs.

Our Cryptocurrency Development Services

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ICO Development

ICO Development From conceptual token design to launch and infrastructure maintenance, we provide comprehensive ICO development services.

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ICO Marketing

With a strong combination of SEO, PR, social media, and email marketing, you can create strategic and effective marketing campaigns.

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Wallet Development

For easier and faster payment options, custom cryptocurrency wallet development with bank-grade security is available.

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Exchange Software Development

Cryptocurrency exchange software solutions that are secure, adaptable, and customisable for easier and faster transactions.

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Blockchain Development

Maintenance, development, crypto wallet development, smart contract development, and exchange development are among our blockchain development activities. Our cryptocurrency developers are experienced in blockchain platform integration.

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Cryptocurrency consultation

Maintenance, development, crypto wallet development, smart contract development, and exchange development are among our blockchain development activities. Our cryptocurrency developers are experienced in blockchain platform integration.

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Cryptocurrency Coin Creation

In the generation of coins, cryptocurrency development software is crucial. Because every business/firm in the world will soon be interacting with cryptocurrencies, effectiveness and security are critical issues to consider. Our coin development services are tailored to the ever-changing landscape of the business.

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Cryptocurrency Mining Service

Process transactions are authenticated and added to the public ledger during crypto mining. Our team uses cutting-edge technology to make bitcoin mining simple and efficient. Because mining bitcoin is a costly and time-consuming activity, it is critical to do so correctly and efficiently.

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Bitcoin Software Development

Our bitcoin software development services turn your phone into a dedicated mobile wallet that allows you to conduct transactions over the internet. Your transactions will be assessed and authenticated by miners from this point on.

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Custom Altcoin Creation

Crypto and altcoin development are digital assets that are used as a medium of exchange by the majority of growing businesses. We specialize in producing crypto and altcoins with secure functionality as an industry-leading crypto and altcoin development business.

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Cryptocurrency legal services

The establishment of a cryptocurrency exchange necessitates the provision of solid, concrete legal services. Capital legal consulting is required to handle the hurdles and complexities. Our Cryptocurrency Development Services has unrivaled legal specialists that provide skilled support, from establishing accurate legal entities, frameworks, and papers.

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DeFi ICO Development

Our ICO development services are ideal for creating one's own ICO because they provide concrete information and knowledge. For a profitable business, our Cryptocurrency Development Company offers coin development, marketing, whitepaper authoring, smart contract implementation, and post-ICO services.

How to Create your Own Cryptocurrency?

This is our tried-and-true method for running a profitable bitcoin development company.


We collaborate with our blockchain professionals to come up with the most realistic vision to convey in the whitepaper.


Telegram, Reddit, Steemit, Twitter, and Facebook are being used to increase community support. Setup of the investor dashboard.


Open the Pre-ICO and ICO in timed countdown intervals so that people commit the amount of money you specify and can acquire your coin/token at the price you specify.


Drop the purchased amount of coins/tokens into the whitelabeled web and mobile wallets of your investors.

Why Altcoin & Cryptocurrency Development?

BlockChain App Factory is one of the leading cryptocurrency firms, dedicated to the production of faultless cryptocurrency apps and software.

Best Cryptocurrency Developers in the world

Our cryptocurrency software experts have extensive experience producing cryptocurrencies based on several blockchains, including Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero forks. We've collaborated with some of the top cryptocurrency developers on the planet, acquiring insights and experiences that have helped us create unique solutions for your needs.

Swift Response

We believe in promptly responding to any questions or concerns that our clients may have. Our project managers will bring value to your project by having a working knowledge of cryptocurrency app development.

Secure, Reliable and Transparent

For the creation of a cryptocurrency, blockchain has its own set of security requirements. We design a secure code for your Cryptocurrency Development Services that will be a trustworthy and transparent cryptocurrency for your needs at BlockChain Hat.

Future of Cryptocurrency Development

Our bitcoin developers have begun developing new decentralization solutions. With our Cryptocurrency Development Services, we think that the emergence of distributed ledger technologies such as hashgraph and DAG will alter the cryptocurrency business.

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What can we do for you in terms of Cryptocurrency Development?

Online payments have become more convenient as a result of digitalization. Crypto has a bright future because it is an electronic money that can streamline payment processes. Different payment channels and applications will simplify digital transactions in terms of digital payments.
How do our services make us the superior among our competitors?
Our services are industry leading on account of the following four factors:

Focus on security features

The best security feature sets are utilized.

Team with technical expertise

Our team consists of qualified engineers with real-world experience.

24x7 availability and customer support

Our team is always available for you to discuss your ideas with them.

Customized services for each client

Our services are tailor-made to meet the necessities of each client.

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