Security Token Offering (STO)

Raise Capital from International Accredited Investors for Your Business

Security Token Offering (STO)

The Security Token Sale, or STO, is the most innovative and safe way to use blockchain technology to generate financing for a project or make a public offering of your company’s shares.

Not only commercial and financial transactions are being disrupted by the blockchain. The tamper-proof technology enables us to store and share information in the most secure manner possible through a decentralized system, allowing investors to have greater faith in the financial system.

Security tokens are virtual currency backed by a tangible and tradable asset, providing liquidity to investors. They meet the Howey Test and are subject to federal securities and regulations.

Blockchain App Factory is the premier security token offering and asset tokenization provider, based on distributed ledger technology, and will construct cutting-edge state-of-the-art security token platforms.

Types of STO


Tokens of Equity

Each token is backed by a share of your company’s capital, giving token holders equal voting and dividend rights.

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Tokenization of Assets

Gold, commercial real estate, and even art are examples of real-world commodities. They will back up your STO’s tokens.


Token for Debt

If you only want to raise money, you can issue a security token with the promise of remuneration to coin holders.

Types of STO



Commercial real estate tokenization can make your real-world investments digitally and globally accessible.


Tokenization of art can benefit artists and galleries by providing token holders fractional ownership of art pieces while also adding value and money to the item.

Coins with a Long Life

Stable coins, hailed as the Holy Grail of the digital currency industry, are also a possibility in asset tokenization.

Funds for Venture Capital

Coin holders may maintain track of their Investment Funds without the need for an intermediary thanks to tokenization.

Asset with Low Liquidity

Not every asset, whether current, fixed, or even intangible, can be easily converted to cash. It is possible to tokenize it and even boost trade volume without losing any value.

Repository for Mining

This is one of the most illiquid assets, which makes it suitable for tokenization. The future of commodity is gold, silver, or renewable energy backed by a token.

Security Token Offering (STO)

We are pioneers in Security Token Platforms at Blockchain App Factory, and we don’t just develo.

The development of cryptocurrency into asset tokenization is a natural evolution since it allows traditional assets and commodities to be transferred to the blockchain, providing coin holders with liquidity that was previously unavailable in the digital realm.

And, having helped fund more than $700 million in 42 completed projects through ICOs, Blockchain App Factory is now transitioning to the newest and safest method of token issuance.

We offer the most comprehensive STO service on the market, from network development to marketing. We also provide advise and consultancy services for security token launches to our clients.

STO Development

The Ethereum Blockchain’s ERC-20 technology, which has been utilized to build tokens, does not meet the standards for asset-backed and securities-backed tokens. Some of the challenges include gas prices, network congestion, and protocol issues.

To address these obstacles, Blockchain App Factory creates scalable blockchain and smart contracts that are tailored to the client’s and other platforms’ needs.

The network’s development also includes features such as legally compliant tokens, worldwide investor engagement, increased transaction transparency, and wallets for token holders.

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STO Exchange Platform

Blockchain App Factory security exchange development team seeks to provide a safe, trustworthy, and functional exchange platform.

With all of the latest technology, it is possible to create an asset token exchange that is compliant with SEC regulations, ensuring that the entire process is secure and legal.

STO Marketing

One of the cornerstones to a successful STO launch is marketing. It’s critical to ensure that investors are aware of and understand your goal so that they can feel safe and confident that the investment they’re making is legal.

Our team of marketing and blockchain technology professionals will collaborate to develop the best plan to help you reach your objectives.


Tokenized Asset Offerings (TAO) Development

With automated KYC/AML, investor verification, and completely transparent voting rights, the Tokenized Asset Offering (TAO) prepares the path for the financial market to migrate into the blockchain world.

Equity Token Offering (ETO) Development

The ability to issue equity tokens enables any legally registered businesses to tokenize their assets and seek capital through a crowdfunding-style method. Equity Tokens provide all investors with equity-like rights, such as voting rights and dividends.

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Features of Tokenization

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Programmable Equity


Fractionalization of larger assets


Increase in Liquidity


Automated SEC Compliant

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Secure Wallet


Global Capital Investment

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Greater market efficiency


No Intermediaries

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Customized Blockchain


Tailored Smart Contracts

Benefits of Tokenization

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Automated Dividends


Voting Rights

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Profit Share Rights


Buyback Rights


Cash Flow


Holdings in another fund