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A cryptocurrency wallet is a piece of software that allows users to earn, track, and send virtual currencies. Cryptocurrencies can only be recorded as transactions on the blockchain technology, unlike traditional banks or pocket wallets that keep actual cash. When a cryptocurrency is moved to a wallet, the currency’s ownership is transferred to a specific wallet address. The development of cryptocurrency wallets is required for the efficient trading of cryptocurrencies.

Defi Wallet Development

Defi wallet provides direct peer-to-peer transactions between multiple parties, governed by smart contracts, without the involvement of any third parties. As a result, users have complete control over their funds thanks to personal private keys. It is unaffected by hacking and data breaches.
Web, hardware, desktop, and mobile wallets are all options for DeFi wallets. MetaMask, MyEtherwallet, BitGo, and Electrum are some of the most popular Defi wallets. Defi wallets combine two-factor authentication, multi-signature technology, and cold wallets to assure the safety of users’ assets and data.

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

We have all of the experience necessary to successfully launch your crypto wallet development project as a pioneer in the rapidly growing field of decentralized finance (DeFi). We completely review your requirements, create a feasible design, manufacture the product with customized features, thoroughly test it, and release it to the market.
With our vast knowledge, solid expertise, and technical skillsets, you can acquire a significant competitive advantage. We guarantee that our white label or custom wallet solutions will meet your needs.
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Types Of Crypto Wallets - Our Development Support

DeFi Wallet Development

With a decentralized wallet that offers institutional-grade security and ease of use, users have ultimate control over their private keys and assets.

Desktop Wallet

It is a very successful cryptocurrency cold storage method. It's safer than using a mobile or web wallet.

Hardware Wallet

They're more secure than a web wallet and easier to use than paper wallets. They are more adept at using a fork than others.


Centralized Wallet Development

We will protect your users' private keys and provide them with a secure trading environment. The whitelisting of wallet addresses will ensure that only legitimate transactions are carried out on the network.

Coin-Specific Wallet Development

Our services include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other single currency wallet development to ensure that your business activities run smoothly and without hiccups.

Multi-Currency Wallet Development

Our dependable Multi-currency wallet building solution, which supports a large variety of crypto coins and tokens, allows our users to safely store various crypto assets in one place.

Mobile Wallet Development

With the rise in mobile trading, we've made sure that our wallets work on both Android and iOS devices. Trending features, as well as top-notch security and the greatest user experience, are guaranteed.

Web Wallet Development

With a web wallet that supports numerous currencies, superior security measures, and a self-explanatory interface, we ensure the secure management of all of the users' assets.

TRON Wallet Development

For managing TRX, TRON's native currency, we provide customised wallets for both tiny startups and established businesses on TRON.

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White label Crypto Wallet Development

Utilize our high-quality White label Crypto wallet creation solutions to take the lead in a fiercely competitive field. We provide it to both new and established businesses. Our clients benefit from unrivaled performance, ease of use, and unbreakable security. rtise, as well as technical abilities. We guarantee that our white label or custom wallet solutions will meet your needs.
How to unlock the fund?
In order to use or unlock the fund, the private key of the wallet must match the public address of the currency it is assigned to.

Features Of White Label Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet

OTC trading facility

Over-the-counter (OTC) trading allows two people to trade assets directly. The transactions are extremely safe and have a minimal latency.

Home screen customization

We provide users with the option of scrolling through the available cryptos and adding their favorites to their home screens.

Automatic conversion rates

Users can check their account balance at any time and convert their funds to popular fiat currencies including the US dollar, the British pound, and the Australian dollar.

Multi-layer security

We create a highly secure infrastructure for simultaneously sending, receiving, and storing different crypto assets.

Easy portfolio management

Users have complete control over their transactions and may instantly check their transaction history.

User-friendly interface

The ease of use of our platform benefits both amateur and professional traders.

KYC verification

Through geography-based KYC verification, we establish a reputable and authenticated user base. It ensures that the funds in the wallet of the users are kept safe.

Auto denial of duplicate payments

Duplicate payments are automatically identified by the wallet and are refused right away to prevent chargebacks.

Enhanced privacy

Users' private keys are converted to secret 12-word mnemonic phrases with our non-custodial white label wallet, assuring greater privacy.

Sell crypto

Users may quickly sell their bitcoin from their wallets and have the funds credited to their credit cards in a timely manner.

Buy crypto with a credit card

Users can purchase whatever cryptocurrency they choose with a credit card in a secure transaction.

In-chat transactions

We ensure that wallet users can instantly trade their crypto assets without having to use an exchange platform by providing exclusive chat features.

API connection to Crypto exchanges

We ensure that customers may purchase and sell cryptos without leaving the platform by establishing safe API links with the market's biggest crypto exchanges.

Multi-coin and Multi-asset

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC20 tokens are all accepted. We also offer the integration of a variety of altcoins and tokens on a case-by-case basis, depending on your company needs.

Cross-platform compatibility

Our white label solution works on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. We provide our users with a flexible and secure architecture that allows them to access their data from any device.

Auto denial of duplicate payments - NFC

We use the NFC tag to ensure that digital assets are exchanged quickly between users. When the sender taps it, he can complete the transaction by inputting the buyer's wallet address details.

Advantages of Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet


Hundreds of different cryptocurrencies have been created. Each has its own infrastructure, ecosystem, and mission. If you prefer to use many currencies, the multi-currency wallet allows you to access multiple currencies from a single wallet.

Detect Duplicate Payments

The reason why cryptocurrency systems, in general, don't accept charge-backs is that it's too hazardous for fund sources to make additional money out of thin air or by committing fraud. Furthermore, the private wallet keys are incredibly safe thanks to the 2-factor authorisation system.

Automatic Session Logout

Every single session logs out automatically to improve the core security process. Adding new login triggers after a certain amount of time (minutes or hours) appears to keep the fund and account safe.

Inflation-Free Investment

After a cryptocurrency reaches/surpasses a certain value, it is meant to contain. Because the quantity of virtual currency cannot surpass a set value/amount, bitcoin can never be used as a source of inflation.

Why You Hire A Cryptocurrency Wallet Developers?

Blockchain App Factory, the leading provider of Cryptocurrency wallet development services, seeks to provide extremely secure cryptocurrency wallets.
Some of the fundamental features offered by our expert developers include:
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