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Create your own Decentralized Stablecoins to provide stability in an otherwise unpredictable cryptocurrency market. Take your place as the leading Stablecoin in the DeFi market with our DeFi Stablecoin creation services.

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Stablecoins are digital currencies or cryptocurrencies that are tied to the value of a country’s national currency in fiat money. They are also backed by other cryptocurrencies, assets, and even gold to keep their value consistent. The main goal of Stablecoins was to provide its users with high speed, cryptocurrency security, and fiat currency stability. Stablecoins aim to bridge the gap between fiat currencies’ stability and the benefits of cryptocurrencies.
With our services that have a reputation for being skilled and meeting international standards, Blockchain App Factory can help you break into the billion-dollar Stablecoin market. We will aid in the development of Stablecoins for a variety of applications. Other services, such as white paper writing, marketing, landing page design, and Smart Contract development, will be completed and delivered on time. Our professionalism and dedication to developing and launching initiatives in the Blockchain and Decentralized Finance space will undoubtedly assist you in achieving your company objectives and generating significant returns.

Stablecoins - What’s the big deal about them?

Stablecoins are digital assets that are tied to fiat currencies and other crypto assets in order to ensure stability. Stablecoins combine the speed and security of cryptocurrencies with the stable value of fiat currencies to provide the best of both worlds. Stablecoins offer a variety of advantages, including security, speed, and peer-to-peer transactions. Stablecoins have seen enormous growth in recent years, with the total quantity of stablecoins surpassing 12 billion. Additional than 200 Stablecoins have been announced, with more coins still in the works. So, why would a person require Stablecoins?
Volatility is the primary reason for the creation of Stablecoins. Global cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether are very volatile, meaning their value fluctuates frequently. Bitcoin, for example, grew in value by $19,000 in 2017. For investors and traders who want the market to remain stable, this is unsustainable. As a result, Stablecoins were invented to hold the non-volatile value of fiat currencies. These decentralized cryptocurrencies provide additional benefits such as confidence and increased value for Stablecoins. Cross-border transactions can also be completed swiftly and at a lower cost.

Types of Stablecoins in the Crypto space

Based on the sort of collateral they are backed by, stablecoins are divided into four categories. We can supply solutions in all of these sorts as an expert and seasoned Stablecoin Development business that will keep your users engaged.
Fiat-backed Stablecoins
These are cryptocurrencies that are linked to the value of a fiat currency, such as the US dollar, in a 1:1 ratio, meaning that one US dollar is held as security for each Stablecoin. The tokens might also contain more than one commodity. These Stablcoins have certain characteristics, such as
Non-collateralized Stablecoins
These coins are based on the Seigniorage shares system and are backed by an algorithm that controls the price by adjusting the supply volume. As a result, the value of the coins will be determined by supply and demand. This type of Stablecoin is being examined for efficiency, despite its lack of popularity in the crypto world. It has a number of features.
Cryptocurrency backed Stablecoins
This type is analogous to coins backed by fiat cash. Simply explained, these Stablecoins are crypto assets backed. Ethereum, for example, can serve as collateral for a Stablecoin. This type’s characteristics include:
Commodity-collateralized Stablecoins
Stablecoins are backed up by assets like as real estate and precious metals. Gold is a common option in this area. These coins’ value is more likely to be exaggerated, making them a popular investment option. This sort of Stablecoin allows anyone to invest anywhere in the world. Characteristics that set this kind apart

Real-world applications of Stablecoins

Safety from currency crashes

Crashing local currencies is a possibility. Stablecoin holders can exchange their crashed money for UDS or asset-backed Stablecoins, which will keep their value in the event of a disaster. This is an excellent way to avoid the volatility of fiat currencies.

Upgraded Exchanges

Fiat money are not accepted by cryptocurrency exchanges. This barrier, however, can be bypassed thanks to crypto-fiat trading pairs. This method of exchanging cryptocurrencies will eliminate the risk of fluctuation that comes with trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Everyday currency

Stablecoins can be used in place of fiat currencies for everyday activities such as paying for groceries, sending and receiving money, and, most significantly, transferring money internationally without having to go through the time-consuming process of changing currencies. All of these things can be done with Stablecoins and a digital wallet.

Easy Peer-to-peer payment methods

Stablecoins can be transmitted and received automatically via smart contracts for financial transactions, without the need to rely on third parties. This decentralized method of distributing stable currency can be used for transactions such as loans, rents, salaries, and subscriptions.

Extensive use cases of Stablecoins
Top Stablecoins in the DeFi Space

Blockchain Hat’s Stablecoin Development

The total market capitalization of Stablecoins has now topped $20 million. The importance and clout that Stablecoins have in the digital asset ecosystem is enormous. In such a lucrative climate, creating and releasing your own Stablecoins is wise. If you’re a company or entrepreneur trying to gain the trust of investors and traders, finding a reputable Stablecoin Development Company is critical.
Our experience in all things blockchain and cryptocurrency is clear at Blockchain App Factory, as seen by our many years in the field and delighted customers. Stablecoin creation, White paper drafting, Stablecoin consultancy, and Stablecoin marketing are all skills we have. Our team of dexterous blockchain engineers and tech wizards, market analysts, and designers are experts in their professions, ensuring that our work is delivered on time. Stablecoins are currently on the rise and offer modern answers to financial difficulties, therefore now is a good time to get involved in this lucrative industry.
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