IDO (Initial Dex Offering) - A Fundraising Opportunity For Your Decentralized Exchange Platform

IDO Development Company helps you get funds for your decentralized exchange platform while also letting you represent your digital assets.

Introducing A Fundraiser For Your DEX Platform

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly important in the new era of digital assets. Its distributed ledger mechanism ensures the security of digital assets while maintaining asset holders’ anonymity. This important aspect of digital assets attracts investors who want to digitize and manage their assets. The platform’s great appeal to investors boosted the blockchain industry by encouraging inventors and entrepreneurs to invest in the construction of a decentralized exchange platform (DEX). The blockchain ecosystem provides an opportunity to contribute to the empowerment of blockchain through Decentralized Exchange through a fundraising opportunity (IDO).
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What is an IDO (Initial DEX offering)?

An IDO (Initial DEX offering) is a token used to begin a project on a decentralized liquidity exchange. IDO tokens are the decentralized exchange’s representation of assets. Assets can take any form, including bitcoin, music CDs, videos, and other documents. Initial DEX offering (IDO) is a business tool that helps you make better decisions about digital assets by engaging communities in your products and services.

LaunchPads - Ruling the Initial Stages of IDO Development

Launchpads are the greatest way to properly launch an IDO into the crypto market; there are several sorts of crypto launchpads based on various networks that have shown to be effective. Here are some of the most well-known launchpads on the market.

BSC Pad (Binance Smart Chain)

A fantastic blockchain launch pad with a ton of functionality and a solution to the current launch pad's issues. This can be used to distribute tokens and increase liquidity.


Polka Starter (Polkadot)

Polka Starter is a community-trusted launchpad with a ton of features and cross-chain capabilities to help with the crypto space's difficulties.


CardStarter (Cardano)

CardStarter is based on the Cardano network, where the efficiency of the blockchain will be a big help for a launchpad with a lot of features.


Solstarter (Solana)

Solstarter is a Solana network-based launchpad that stands out for its feasibility and technological improvement, allowing room for new instances.



A more convenient and interoperable launch pad with a high market ratio. TrustPad is one of the most popular launchpads.

Although these launchpads are more efficient in the market, the majority of them are network-restricted, causing them to loop in a highly constricted space. Our IDO platforms are developed to be interoperable and socially pleasant, with a focus on the network-friendly environment.

Benefits of IDO Development


Immediate liquidity

The liquidity of a token is critical. It can be terrible for a token's value if it cannot provide immediate liquidity. The liquidity pool provides liquidity without slippage at all price levels. To facilitate token swapping in the liquidity pool, the project first requires some value for the tokens to acquire liquidity.

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Immediate trading

From the minute the project is launched, investors begin trading the token. Early token purchasers may be able to sell their tokens at a higher price during the IDO. When the first investor buys a token, the price begins to move.

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Lower costs

If a project's token uses a liquidity exchange, deploying a new smart contract simply costs a few euros in gas fees. The assets token and liquidity pool are under the control of this smart contract.

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Fair fundraising methodology

Unlike traditional fundraising approaches, the IDO allows for instantaneous token generation and liquidity. Private investors purchase a significant quantity of tokens at a discounted rate. When the token goes on sale to the general public, its value will rise.

Our Tech Stack for IDO

We also create and launch your IDO on several blockchain platforms so that you may profit from the unique features of each technology while also increasing the visibility of your IDO due to the platform’s popularity and user base.


The flamboyant character of Ethereum, as well as its plethora of smart contract functionalities, will help you stand out in the Ethereum community.



When you launch your IDO with the polkadot ecosystem, you'll get multichain support and connection, extending your IDO's reach.


Binance smart Chain

The creation of IDO on the Binance smartchain will receive a lot of support from the Binance market's investment community.



Tron's scalability and faster throughput will aid in the development and deployment of your IDO, allowing it to get more awareness in the community.

Initial Liquidity Offering

Initial Liquidity Offerings (ILOs) have been the most popular way to launch new coins. It’s a new financial approach in which you put your money on the line in exchange for a profit. Project developers may have to wait a long period for their token to be released on a regular market. Liquidity contributors receive the new token in exchange for the liquidity to contribute to the AMM pool through the ILO procedure. A ready market for your token will be available to pay the price for your token. The AMM must be backed by the liquidity pool in order to pay this price. Steady coins with highly stable values are used for the liquidity contribution. Simply put, you become a third-party financier to cover the legal costs of the project launch. The characteristic of releasing the token on a freely available market makes ILO an appealing alternative.

Steps to launch your (IDO) Initial Dex Offering


Create a strategy.

Improve your Decentralized exchange platform by innovating your product with a strategic strategy to benefit users.


Craft your white paper

To entice investors to back your enterprise, explain your concept to them.


Launch your IDO

Launch your IDO coin to start raising money right away.


Build your token value

Build your token value by offering utility services to make use of your token in the market.

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Start serving

Start providing your services with the next features of blockchain technology to increase the value of your token.

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Issue governance tokens

To reward users that have the authority to contribute and improve your platform, issue governance tokens.

IDO Marketing Services

Marketing is an appealing service for increasing your company’s market visibility. Raising capital for a company with a proven track record is simple. However, convincing investors and building faith in your idea is a nightmare and a time-consuming process for companies.
The blockchain Hat is a key player in the development and promotion of software businesses, using a strategic strategy to gain investor and venture capital confidence in your product.

Our approach to launching your IDO


Whitepaper Drafting

Whitepaper services that are detailed and comprehensive to help you launch your new project to the crypto market.


Roadmap & Strategy

Strategic time-based roadmaps to visualize the product's trajectory and assist in securing stakeholders.



Marketing strategies that are well-thought-out and precisely created to increase market presence.

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Coin Development

Secure, customizable token development services from a trusted and established one-stop shop.


Blockchain Integration

With unique Blockchain integration, you can standardize, automate, and secure platforms across a variety of sectors.



To ensure a successful product launch, we give specialized support from our seasoned professionals.